Therapists who want to hone their skills and manage even the most complex cases with confidence...

Get Safe, Small Group Clinical Consultation in a Curated Community Based on the Values of Benevolence & Support

  Does this resonate with you?

  • You're worried about the "Oh crap!" cases... the especially tricky cases that involve gray areas or ethical conundrums.
  • You crave a safe and intimate connection with other clinicians who you can meet with regularly to get case consultation and other types of clinical support while sharing knowledge, and creating trustworthy relationships.
  • You're struggling with finding colleagues to connect with and have had bad experiences in Facebook groups or some clinical consultation groups
  • You are feeling frustration about the lack of resources you have for managing clinical risks but don't want to open yourself up to colleagues whose values and goals do not align with yours

Imagine if you had a space to....

  • connect with clinicians who are in alignment with your values and goals
  • get the clinical consultation you need from generous and truly caring therapists
  • have dedicated time to get case consultation and learn from therapists who can help you manage clinical risk and level up your clinical skills
  • have scheduled time twice a month to get this important support
  • grow in your business journey with those who support you through the waves you face as a therapist

If you need a reliable place to get clinical support, where you won't be criticized or shamed, but instead can develop the level of trust necessary to be vulnerable about your work and concerns...

A safe, reliable community of like-minded clinicians to share in clinical discussions, get consultation for even your most difficult cases, improve your practice with easy, systemized documentation, helpful feedback, and personal and professional growth. 

“They are super strong peer consultation groups with a framework and a format. Whenever I’m struggling, that’s where I go. And I can trust that they can hold the gray and nuance of psychotherapy, and they’re not going to fear monger me and they’re not going to placate me. They are going to help me.”

- Dr. Amber Lyda

Here's What You Get...

  • Each member is onboarded by Jeanene so we can get to know each other and discuss the environment of benevolence and support that is the foundation of our community
  •  Members are assigned to a closed, facilitated group of 4 to 8 fully licensed clinicians who meet virtually twice a month for 55 minutes
  • Regularly scheduled meetings to process cases, get consultation on complex cases, discuss ethics and get business support with your small group
  • A safe place to find support and connection with colleagues you will grow to know and trust
  • A private members-only chat for secure messaging to get consultation and connection in between your small group meetings with the whole community
  • A private members-only Facebook community
  • The Peace of Mind packet of forms to make sure you are getting the most out of your consultations and adequately documenting them
  • Periodic professional events and resources so therapists can continue doing the work they love without loneliness or burnout

"I have only been with the CollabOasis consulting group for a little over a month and I can say how glad that I did. The group has been super supportive of each other and helpful in ways to address client concerns and issues. Jeanene has been amazing with staying connected with each of us as well as collaborative with helping me with business insights for my private practice startup. I highly recommend exploring this group as a way to connect with peers for support, you won't regret it."

-Amanda Baker, LMHC

The CollabOasis Clinical Consultation Group membership is $197 per month (with a minimum commitment of 6 months so groups can have time to create cohesion and trust). This price will be locked-in forever, as long as you remain enrolled. 

*If you are a clinician in your first year of private practice, you can get the first 6 months for $97 per month and you get full membership privileges.

Hear from some CollabOasis Members:

"I am really enjoying the peer group process and all of the group members, very rich experience. I am grateful to be a part of it!!! I am amazed at how you structure it and organize it, and learning from how you can finish it on time and wrap things up organically, as well as provide us all with the opportunity we need.

I also appreciate your encouragement of the group members to reach out to each other outside the group meeting if something is going on the day of and connecting us together. It makes help so much more accessible and creates a sense of a broader community. The groups seem big enough to include a variety of therapeutic approaches and yet small enough to create an intimate safe atmosphere, where it is possible to disclose sincerely."

-Elena Glass, LPC

The CollabOasis Clinical Consultation groups were designed following a lot of research to determine best practices and to make sure all members can participate safely, ethically and responsibly. 

 Fostering an environment that is safe and respectful is of the utmost importance so members can feel safe in getting the clinical support they need. Members meet with the same clinicians for their small group which allows trust and respect to be established.

The focus of these groups is on supporting each other and creating a place of benevolence to establish trust, grow together both clinically and as business owners, and build one another other up.

Sometimes, after a hard day, you need to be able to reach out to 

a colleague who can support you.

I facilitate the small groups to make sure time is being divided fairly, with emergent case consults getting top priority, to track time, and to moderate during group discussions.

I provide a secure platform with everything setup so you only need to show up and participate.  

Hi, I'm Jeanene Wolfe!

I am an online therapist and solo private practice owner. I have been a social worker for over 30 years and an LCSW since 2009.

I am aware of the complexities of learning to run a small business including marketing, insurance billing and all of the associated admin tasks, all while working in an office alone. 

Although I loved working for myself, I also experienced more imposter syndrome and loneliness than I was prepared for. As I met other solo therapists, I realized I was not alone in those feelings so I began to research creating a safe, respectful space for therapists to get clinical, business and personal support.

While doing this research, I began hearing stories about other clinicians who had awful experiences in consultation groups so it became really clear to me that the culture of my program had to be a foundation based on benevolence, trust and respect.

We have an amazing community of therapists who support each other in refining their clinical skills as well as growing in their work/life balance with confidence and connection to others so they can care for themselves the way they care for their clients.

Facilitating groups in an authentic, collaborative way is my superpower and I love welcoming new members into our community!


  • What happens after I join?
    Once you purchase your membership, you will receive a welcome email with further instructions. This will include signing a group contract, verifying your license, setting up a time to chat with Jeanene about your group preferences, and asking any questions you may have. If you do not receive an email, or have other questions, please contact me at
  • How does payment work for CollabOasis?
    Your community access pass is $197 per month with a minimum commitment of 6 months so groups can have time to create cohesion and trust with their fellow members. This fee will be locked-in forever, as long as you remain enrolled. You will be charged monthly for your enrollment. After your initial 6 month commitment, you will continue to be charged monthly until you cancel your enrollment.
  • Do you offer any discounts for therapists who are new to private practice?
    Yes! If it is your first year in private practice, I offer $100 off your monthly fee for your first 6 months. This payment option is available during checkout.
  • What will be the make up of clinicians?
    They will be fully licensed, master’s level clinicians. Your group will be curated for you after our consultation to learn about you, your needs and desires. Most of the groups consist of newer and seasoned clinicians which creates an environment that is rich in energy, theoretical perspectives and treatment modalities. Having feedback from different orientations can reveal aspects of a case you may not have considered.
  • When and where do these meetings occur?
    The small group meetings occur on weekdays between the hours of 9am to 5pm ET. You will be placed in a group after you have met with Jeanene to determine if you are a good fit for our community. We will also discuss your needs so you can be placed in the group which is the best fit for you. All small group sessions are held via Zoom through Secure Video’s HIPAA-compliant platform. We also have a FB community for CollabOasis members only.
  • Do I have to already have a private practice to join?
    Absolutely not! There are members who work for a group practice but do not get the support they need and desire. There are members who are just starting their private practice and are finding value in getting business tips, info about marketing, learning how to manage client issues such as no-show fees, and other aspects of their practice. As long as you are a licensed clinician, you are welcome to join. If you would like to ask specific questions about how you can benefit from Oasis groups, please email Jeanene or Schedule a Discovery Chat.
  • What states do you cover?
    All the states and the UK! Because these are clinical consultation groups and not clinical supervision, it does not matter which state(s) you are licensed in to join a CollabOasis group.
  • What if I don’t like my group?
    I will put you in a group based on our consultation. If you encounter issues, I will work with you to make sure you are getting the clinical consultation you need. I want you to be 100% satisfied with your group. If no solution can be found, and you have attended at least 2 group sessions, the remaining months in your contract will be cancelled at your request.

“I love having a group of therapists that I know won't judge me when I ask questions about difficult cases. They are supportive and help me view cases from different perspectives. I also love the support I get surrounding my business and growth.” 

“My favorite aspect is having a group of therapists that I know I can reach out to without fear.” 

“I received an extremely helpful consultation regarding a substance use case in which I was not an expert. My group gave me practical help as well as the emotional support to move forward and make sure I was providing the best treatment possible for my client.” 

I love the diversity of therapists and all of the various viewpoints!

- Dr. Morgan Levy

This community IS for you if:

You are a fully licensed clinician and not under any type of clinical supervision 

You love collaborating with other clinicians 

You are happy to give as much as you receive 

You desire the cohesive connection that comes with sharing your work with others 

You want/need clinical consultation but don’t have the time, resources or interest in creating and running your own group 

You are open to receiving constructive feedback and suggestions from group members you will grow to trust and respect 

You are willing to prioritize your twice monthly meetings and be present for your colleagues

This community IS NOT for you if:

You don’t play well with others 

You get easily offended if others share an opposing perspective or constructive feedback 

You aren’t committed to showing up MOST of the time to the twice monthly groups 

You are looking for supervision hours needed for licensure 

You hate online meetings or are technology-adverse (these will be online groups)

You are not fully licensed. (Anyone still under clinical supervision is not eligible) 

You are not in good standing with your licensing board.

Oasis is a perfect way to describe CollabOasis. I was looking for a group of clinicians who meet regularly, to staff cases primarily. I used to have this in my previous community, when a group of independent clinicians met in person. We’d get advice on our cases, but also do a lot of networking about conferences and referrals. Then I moved away and like many of us, switched to Telehealth only. It took me awhile to find Jeanene Wolfe and CollabOasis. It’s been perfect for the cases we all need to staff as a standard of care, and for support for running a private practice, and any little question that comes up. Jeanene is knowledgeable, supportive, and compassionate. It’s great to meet all the clinicians I do through CollabOasis of diverse backgrounds, ages and approaches.

-Lisa Grinnell CA/LPCC,FL/LMHC
Members of CollabOasis are assigned to a clinical consultation group based on your needs and preferences. I personally onboard each member to determine your clinical needs, areas of interest, preferences for your group and to discuss how we cultivate benevolence and support in our community.
These are closed groups of 6-8 clinicians who commit to meet twice a month. I facilitate each group and provide training and resources specific to presenting cases and documenting the consultations you receive. It includes my Peace of Mind packet to make sure you’ve covered all of the things for your difficult cases and properly documented it all.

"I have been part of the CollabOasis community since the beginning and I believe that the the consistent support I am able to receive from Jeanene and the other amazingly insightful, experienced, and kind members of her community have been immeasurably helpful to me since starting out on my own in private practice. Each member of the group brings different ideas, insights, and knowledge to whatever topic is brought up. More than anything it is a safe space to show up authentically and know that others will treat you with care and support. Thank you for all you have done for me and the therapist community!!"

-Lisa Sells, LPC
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"I started meeting with my colleagues at Collab Oasis the week before my private practice launched…I immediately felt connected to everyone! I am so grateful that Jeanene put this program together for mental health professionals…especially those who have gone into solo practice. I am pursuing my dream of owning my own practice but still have a group of talented, insightful, and super welcoming clinicians surrounding me!"

-Erin Hoffman, LPCP